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MoneyMagpie Marketplace | A Full Review of the Paperclip Platform

MoneyMagpie Marketplace Review

  MoneyMagpie recently partnered with the free selling and swapping service, Paperclip, to launch a platform on their own site in order to allow their visitors to sell, trade, and buy amongst their community. You all know how much I love a bargain (and I know you do, too!), so last week I tested the […]

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How to Win Freelance Jobs – And Why You’re Not Right Now

How to Win Freelance Jobs Today

As someone who’s both worked in both recruitment and launched a freelance copywriting business from scratch, it’s safe to say I’ve seen my fair share of job applications. Time and time again, I see people saying the same thing: ‘I’d love to start working for myself, but no matter how many times I apply, I […]

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How to Make Money Without A Job

How to Make Money Without a Job

This post covers the best ways to make money without a job – perfect for supplementing your current income, or making money online from home in your spare time. Sometimes, no matter how you look at it, your paycheck simply can’t stretch enough to cover every month’s budget comfortably. You might be trying to save for […]

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What to Do When Your Freelance Work Dries Up

When I tell people about that I currently freelance for a living, without a doubt one of the number one questions they’ll fire back at me is: what do you do when you have no clients? For a lot of people, the instability of freelancing is a big turn-off. I get it. It’s a worry […]

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