Hey, welcome to The Wallet Moth – I’m Yaz, and I’m so excited to have you stop by my corner of the internet!

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I’ve been running this website since the end of 2016 – which happens to be the exact same time I started building a freelance writing business and sharing my journey along the way.

Adopting a frugal living mindset was an essential part of successfully creating a location-independent business.

Being mindful with my money allowed me to travel for an entire year while growing my business – and now, I have a fully remote business that I can run from anywhere in the world (even if that does happen to be in the comfort of my own home!).

How To Become A Location-Independent Freelance Writer

Learn the steps you need to take to build a successful freelance writing business. I go in-depth into the steps I took, the mistakes I made (that you can avoid), and everything else you need to build a remote business you can take anywhere.

Step 1: Becoming a freelance writer.

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Frugal Living Tips & Ideas

Frugal living is now such a deeply ingrained habit in my lifestyle that I can’t imagine thinking any differently.

Not all of these tips are ground-breaking, change-your-life ideas, but they will help you to save money and budget better – and give you the space you need to start building the life you want.

Minimalism & Mindfulness

Minimalism and mindfulness are two topics that I hold very close to my heart. Both help to reduce my anxiety, show me the things I really value in life and are tools I consider vital to my success as a business owner.

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