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5 Easy Tips For Budget Travel

Budget travel is often associated with long queues, unpleasant accommodation, and all-around slightly unsatisfying experiences. That doesn’t need to be the case – in fact, travelling on a budget can be exactly what you need to flip your perspective and see a destination in a whole new light. Budgets and travelling don’t traditionally fall into […]

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15 Best Jobs For Digital Nomads

These are the best online jobs for setting up a location independent business that allows you to travel full-time while still making an income.´╗┐ I’ve been running my own business for almost three years now, and in that time, I’ve had a great time dabbling in the ‘digital nomad’ life. In 2017, I spent the […]

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6 Natural Hair Dye Alternatives For Hair Dye Allergies (No Chemicals!)

If you’re allergic to hair dye or simply looking for a natural alternative to chemical-based dyes, this post contains a list of DIY natural hair dye options you could try in your hair instead. I’ve been allergic to hair dye since I was about 16. Before that, I’d had highlights (remember those blonde stripes that […]

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7 Allotment Ideas For Total Beginners

As a newbie allotment owner myself, this is a simple guide to allotment ideas you could consider when first starting your allotment and the things that worked for my allotment plot. Last month I made a “big” announcement: that my family and I finally got an allotment! For those who don’t know, an allotment is […]

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How To Sell A Car On Ebay

Selling a car online is an easy and convenient way to make some extra cash and get rid of a car you no longer want or you – this post should you how to sell a car on eBay for the best price. I recently sold a van on eBay, after allowing it to clutter […]

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