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40 Creative Zoflora Uses For Around The Home

Zoflora is a cleaning product that has taken the cleaning-world by storm. Although it’s been around for years, it’s only recently that people having being going crazy for this product. That’s because Zoflora is a super versatile concentrated disinfectant, with uses for Zoflora all over the house. It can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and comes in a number of great smelling scents to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. This post is going to highlight some creative Zoflora uses you may not have thought of.

Now, I like a clean home – but as many of you know, I’m currently living back home with my family, and that means my mum rules supreme in the cleaning department.

She is very house proud, and that means when my mum can’t stop talking about how good a cleaning product is, you know it’s legit.

Plus, Zoflora is a fantastic way to be more frugal around the house, as it’s so versatile that you don’t need to be stocking up on countless other cleaning products: you’ve got an all-in-one disinfectant to use everywhere with just one product.

It’s readily available on Amazon in single and multi-packs for very reasonable prices, but you can also get it in your local supermarkets, B&M, Poundland, more.

How To Use Zoflora:

There are a number of ways you can use Zoflora to clean your home. These include:

  • A mop and bucket: dilute 4 capfuls of Zoflora in a 1.5-litre bucket of water.
  • Cloth and bucket: dilute 4 capfuls in 1.5 litres of water.
  • Spray bottle: 1.5 capfuls of Zoflora in a standard spray bottle
  • Undiluted: Use a cap of Zoflora in bacteria concentrated areas such as drains and toilet brush holders

Best Zoflora Scents:

40 Clever Zoflora Uses For Around The Home

40 Zoflora Uses: Uses For Zoflora Around The House

1. Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops are another area where bacteria can thrive unseen, so wiping down the surfaces every day with a mild solution of Zoflora and water is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and bacteria-free.

2. Doormats

Spray your doormats with a solution of Zoflora and water to get rid of any bacteria that’s entered your home via dirty shoes. To be extra thorough, you could also soak the mats in a solution to remove all the bacteria and leave your mats smelling great.

3. Wiping The Skirting Boards

With your spray bottle, go around the house to wipe down your skirting boards and remove dust and grime that can build up over time. This will also leave a subtle but noticeable scent around your entire home!

4. Cleaning Your Wheelie Bins

Your wheelie bins are a prime place for bacteria and viruses to grow, not to mention how quickly they can begin to smell! Wipe your bins down every now and again with a solution of Zoflora and water to keep them fresh and hygienic.

5. Mop The Floor

You can either mix up a bucket of Zoflora and water to mop the floor and leave the house smelling amazing, or I have seen some people add a few drops of Zoflora to their steam mop, so this could work too!

Zoflora Uses: Mop The Floor

6. Getting Rid Of Bubbles In The Sink

Another popular use for Zoflora is to clear any bubbles leftover from washing up liquid in the sink! You’ll also get the added bonus of disinfecting your sink and clearing any lingering cooking smells that can leave an unpleasant odour in your kitchen.

7. Laundry

If you (or your family) often come home with a smelly gym kit, Zoflora can be added to your laundry to keep the clothes smelling fresh, but also to actually target the bacteria growing in the clothes.

That means the clothes are actually being cleaned, rather than another product just masking the bacteria with nice smells!

8. Steam Cleaning The Bathrooms

Use your Zoflora solution to give your bathrooms a deep-clean, whether that’s with your steam cleaner or simply by wiping down the walls and floor with a spray bottle solution or micro-fibre cloth.

9. Mattress & Duvet

When you’re washing your sheets, don’t neglect your actual mattress and duvet cover: spray a solution of Zoflora and water over your mattress and let it dry before putting your sheets back on your bed. It will smell amazing, and get rid of any nasty bacteria that’s been lurking in the mattress!

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10. General Cleaning

There are so many uses for Zoflora that I feel like I have to just drop ‘general’ cleaning in once! Whether you’re just mopping the floors, wiping down your surfaces, or doing a deep-clean, adding a few drops of the product to your cleaning solution is a go-to Zoflora uses.

11. Kitchen Bin

Wipe down your kitchen bins and leave a few drops of Zoflora at the bottom before adding a bag to keep that area of your home smelling good, even when the bag has waste in it.

12. Radiators

This is one of the best Zoflora uses I’ve heard! Take a cotton pad or micro-fibre cloth soaked in Zoflora and use it to wipe down your radiators to clear away any dust and grime. When your radiators come on, they’ll heat up the Zoflora and make your home smell amazing!

13. Car-Air Fresheners

Give your car air fresheners a new lease of life by dipping them in a strong solution of Zoflora – when they’re dry, they’ll smell amazing when placed in your car.

14. Remote Controls

Bacteria can so easily build up between the buttons of your remote controls, so giving these a wipe down once a week or so is a good idea.

Zoflora Uses: Clean the Remote Controls

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15. PC Keyboards

Likewise, the keyboard of your PC or laptop is a hot-bed for bacteria to thrive, so give your keys a wipe down to disinfect them, too.

16. Ironing Water

Add a few drops of Zoflora into your ironing water to leave your clothes smelling amazing as you iron them.

17. Toilet Brushes

Another use for Zoflora is to put a few drops in your toilet brush holder, which makes them smell better and also disinfects them for a more hygienic way to store them.

18. Hoover bag

Another popular Zoflora uses is to either soak a cotton pad and place it in your hoover bag, or just sprinkle a few drops straight into the bag to make your floors smell great as you vacuum.

19. Light bulbs

Another one of those cool and creative Zoflora uses! Wipe down your lightbulbs with a Zoflora solution to clear away any dust, and when you switch the lights on the bulbs will heat the Zoflora to emit a lovely smell into your home.

20. Shoes

Wipe down smelly shoes with your Zoflora and water solution to clear away any bacteria, and keep the shoes smelling fresh for longer. Perfect if you’ve got fitness fanatics in your house – we all know how bad gym shoes can begin to smell!

21. Fridge Freezer

Zoflora is also great to use to clean down your fridge and freezer to keep it free from bacteria. Just pick a day when your fridge and freezer are pretty empty so you can give it a thorough clean without risking defrosting your food!

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22. Taps

Taps can harbour some bad bacteria, so giving your kitchen and bathroom taps a wipe down with your Zoflora spray bottle mix is a smart use for Zoflora.

23. Scenting Fake Flowers

This is one of my mum’s favourite Zoflora uses, and it’s so creative! She has these huge, beautiful bunches of fake flowers around the house (they are good quality as you can see below so actually look real!), and wipes them with Zoflora so they not only look great but also emit a heavenly smell, too!

Scented fake flowers: Another great Zoflora uses

24. Shelves & Cabinets

Give your shelving and cabinets a once-over every so often with your Zoflora spray bottle to keep them free from dust and bacteria.

25. Soaking The Showerhead

Soaking your showerhead in a solution of Zoflora and warm water is a fantastic way of clearing limescale and grime build up from it. A good soak for 20 minutes or so should do just the trick.

26. Toilet

Pour a neat capful of Zoflora down the toilet just before going to bed, and you’ll wake up in the morning with a wonderful smelling toilet that’s also thoroughly disinfected!

27. Toilet Cistern

Another clever Zoflora uses is to add a little of the product to your toilet cistern, keeping the whole thing smelling fresh.

28. Drains

Again, pour a capful of neat Zoflora down your drains and leave overnight to get rid of any smelly bacteria.

29. Garden Tools

Gardenings tools and equipment can very easily be over-run with bacteria, so wiping these down every so often with your Zoflora solution and a micro-fibre cloth is a good idea.

30. Car Air Vents & Interiors

There are many Zoflora uses outside of the home, including your car! Wipe down the air vents and your car interiors (especially if you have kids or pets!) to clear away any unseen bacteria. With the air vents, you’ll get the added bonus of a great smell when you turn your car AC or heating on!

31. Pet Toys

Look, we all love our pets – but we can also admit that they can get their favourite toys pretty gross. Pop them in the washing machine with a few drops of Zoflora to give them a thorough disinfecting. If you line-dry them for the day the smell shouldn’t be too overpowering, either.

32. Pet Bedding & Blankets

Bacteria can easily grow in your pet’s bedding and blankets, especially when your dog is coming in and out of the garden and from walks. Give your pet’s bedding a wash with some Zoflora to thoroughly disinfect it and leave a pleasant smell.

Zoflora Uses: Clean Your Dog Bed with Zoflora

33. Washing Machine

You can also use Zoflora to actually clean your washing machine itself! Just add a few drops and put the machine on a light wash to allow the disinfectant to freshen it up.

34. Hob

Make sure your hob doesn’t have any specialist cleaning instructions before doing this, but you should be able to wipe down your hob and hob grates with Zoflora to keep them spick and span.

35. Oven & Microwave

Likewise, keep your oven and microwave bacteria-free and smelling great by wiping them down with your Zoflora solution.

36. Rugs

Another popular Zoflora uses is to spray a little on your rugs and carpet, producing a subtle, fresh smell throughout the house.

37. Door Knobs & Handles

Doors, and more specifically, door handles, are hotbeds for bacteria to grow and spread. Don’t neglect these areas on your cleaning rounds!

38. DIY Diffuser

A great frugal hack is to create your own DIY diffuser by mixing water and Zoflora, and adding some reed sticks to a small jar. Pick your favourite Zoflora scent and your house will smell amazing!

39. Dishwasher

Use a little Zoflora in an empty dishwasher cycle to disinfect your machine and leave a pleasant aroma.

40. Tumble dryer

Put your tumble dryer on an empty cycle with some Zoflora and you’ll leave a lingering scent on your clothes in the next few loads!

Uses for Zoflora

Are there any best Zoflora uses that I’ve not mentioned? I’d love to hear your own favourite uses for Zoflora, so please do leave them in the comments if I’ve missed any!