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Life Update: Saying Hello To Allotment Life!

Exciting news, everyone! Late last year, I finally received the call that my application for an allotment around the corner from my family’s home had reached the top of the waiting list and…. (dum, dum, dum, dum!) I’ve got an allotment! Earlier in 2017, I visited some friends who had recently taken on an allotment together […]

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10 Vegan One-Pot Meals For Quick, Healthy Dinner Ideas

One-pot meals are always a total lifesaver, and one of my favourite kind of meals to cook. Whether you’re cooking in bulk for the week ahead, or trying to get a meal for five done quickly and without too much washing up, there’s nothing like a delicious recipe that calls for just one pot to […]

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8 Easy Steps That Will Show You How To Be A Minimalist

Being a minimalist | How to be a minimalist, 8 steps to minimalism today

This step-by-step guide provides 8 steps on how to be a minimalist, declutter your life, and begin to love living with less! Do you find yourself looking around your home and thinking, why do I have so much stuff? By now, you’ve no doubt heard about minimalism – whether that’s thanks to trendy Instagram interior trends or […]

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