5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom More Minimalist

Hi everyone! It’s been an exciting week for me because my bedroom has had a major makeover – new paint, new furniture, and a new minimalist design. For those of you who are new here: I just returned home from travelling through Asia and working on the road, and I’m now staying with my family […]

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MoneyMagpie Marketplace | A Full Review of the Paperclip Platform

MoneyMagpie Marketplace Review

  MoneyMagpie recently partnered with the free selling and swapping service, Paperclip, to launch a platform on their own site in order to allow their visitors to sell, trade, and buy amongst their community. You all know how much I love a bargain (and I know you do, too!), so last week I tested the […]

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How to Make Money Without A Job

How to Make Money Without a Job

This post covers the best ways to make money without a job – perfect for supplementing your current income, or making money online from home in your spare time. Sometimes, no matter how you look at it, your paycheck simply can’t stretch enough to cover every month’s budget comfortably. You might be trying to save for […]

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Budget Ready: Get Your Budget into Shape in 2018

Budget Ready in 2018 | Get Your Budget in Shape in 2018

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful week. It is currently so damn windy here in the UK, I’m sat in my kitchen and just watching the garden get blown to shreds! A bit of a change from the 30°C temps I was enjoying a month ago (sob!). New year, new me though – and […]

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