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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how lucky I was growing up to always have my mom around. Stay at home mom jobs were arguably harder to come across, especially if you wanted to work online with flexible hours.

Many of my friends would either have to fend for themselves when they were older or would be put into daycare or with childminders because their parents had to work.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mom or dad wanting to go back to the workplace after they have children, there are also a lot of people who would rather find work that they can do from home.

Or, you might have already decided to stay home with your baby – but be looking for something to keep you mentally stimulated and help bring in a little more income.

The good news is that in 2018, there are more work from home jobs perfect for stay at home moms than ever. Literally, ever.

If you google “stay at home mom jobs”, you’ll be met with hundreds of thousands of results. The bigger obstacle is choosing what job to take on!

While I’m not quite at the point where children are on my list of priorities right now, I get a lot of messages from my readers who are either moms already or planning to be in the near future.

From those readers, I receive the same question: how can I keep my financial independence as a new mom?

These days, having one ‘breadwinner’ simply isn’t an option anymore.

The jobs I list below are perfect for stay at home moms, stay at home dads, or even for starting before you even think about starting a family!


Stay at home mom jobs to earn a real income

Blogging: The Ideal Stay at Home Mom Job?

Blogging is a fantastic job whether you’re in your 20s with barely any responsibilities, or if you have a family and a mortgage and a dog and whatever else you need to support.

Blogging is a great work from home job because:

  • You are your own boss
  • There is no cap on your income
  • You can choose your own hours
  • You can work entirely from home online

If getting a stay at home mom job is important to you mainly because you want a job that gives you the flexibility to choose when you work (at naptime, bedtime, and any other time you’re not spending with your baby!), this is the perfect career.

You have total control over your own hours, and you’ll have no boss or angry clients knocking at your door if you miss a deadline – perhaps, at worst, you’ll get a few concerned emails from your readers missing your posts!

The best thing about blogging, though?

The potential is limitless.

You could make a couple of hundred dollars a month and be happy with the extra income, or you could make an absolute killing like some mom bloggers out there, including Carly from Mommy on Purpose, Rose Marie Gardner from The Busy Budgeterand Elna Cain from Twins Mommy.

You don’t just have to blog about being a mom, either!

Pick something that interests you. It could be about your pregnancy, your baby and being a parent, or it could be something totally unrelated.


Other Stay at Home Mom Jobs:

If blogging isn’t your cup of tea, here are a few other brilliant work from home options.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant was one of the very first work from home jobs I ever took on, and is a great way to earn money online from home.

For more information, check out my post on how to become a virtual assistant!


Freelance Writer

Some of you may know that I make a big chunk of my income through freelance writing, not just from blogging. The best thing about this job is that I can choose my work hours completely, so you could easily schedule your working hours around your baby’s nap times.

Find out more about how I make money as a freelance writer here.



These days, investing in a good camera doesn’t have to break your bank. You can find a great quality camera from $500, and if you have a knack for angles and lighting, you could try your hand at making money as a photographer! You should know, however, that since everyone and their mother owns a smartphone with a good quality camera these days, it is getting harder and harder to make money as a photographer unless you’re capturing some really special sights.


Start an Amazon Store

Have you heard of fulfilment by Amazon before? Basically, you start up a store of your own, but all your stock is stored by Amazon, and it is then packaged, labelled, and posted by Amazon directly – all you have to worry about is marketing your store and keeping your stock topped up!

This is a great stay at home mom job, and can be extremely lucrative – find out how Jessica from The Selling Family turned her Amazon FBA side hustle into a 6-figure business.


Become a Childminder

The online world not for you? Why not consider becoming a childminder, allowing you to take care of your own children while you also watch others. There are many, many parents out there willing to pay good money to someone they can trust with their child, so this can be a great stay at home mom job without needing to get online!


Become a Dog Sitter

I know a few people (both in real life and online) who make a steady income from dog sitting. That’s right, dog lovers, people will pay you to hang out with their dog!

Rover.com is one of the leading dog sitting websites around, easily connecting dog owners with dog sitters, so you don’t need to worry about setting up your own website and business page just yet. Simply get registered and you can start accepting dogs whenever suits you.



Tutoring is an extremely versatile option that makes one of the best stay at home mom jobs. You could choose to tutor children or adults and do this either from home or online.

You might already have a skill that you are able to offer tutoring for (for example, if you have a degree or are fluent in another language), or you may be able to find a remote employer who will train you on the subject you will be tutoring.


Create Your Own Etsy Shop

Etsy used to be the online shop where you could only buy quirky crafts, and while there is still very much a market for knitted, crocheted, and hand-crafted goods, that’s not your only option.

You could start your own Etsy shop and sell anything that gets your creativity flowing, from knitted hats to digital downloads (for example, scavenger hunts and quizzes are massively popular on Etsy!).


Become a Masseuse/ Beautician

Training to become a masseuse or beautician can be an amazing stay at home mom job. All you need is a spare room to transform into your treatment room, and you can offer treatments from your home!

While this does make your working hours a little less flexible than, say, blogging or freelance writing, it’s a great option if you want to train for a skill and would prefer not to have an online-based job.


I hope this list has given you some inspiration – comment any more stay at home mom jobs you can think of!