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These 15 over the door organizers are perfect for reducing the clutter around your home, neatly storing your items, and staying organized. Find the best organizer for you in this list, covering organizers for all around the home, from your shoe cupboard to the pantry!

Best Over The Door Organizers, Including Shoe, Pantry, Bathroom, and Jewelry Organizers

Whether you’re a minimalist looking to declutter your home or are simply looking to keep your belongings more organized, an over the door organizer can be the perfect solution.

I’ve had my jewellery organizer for years, and it not only keeps my jewellery organized, but it also prevents me from putting it on a random surface in my home and completely forgetting about it!

Why Buy An Over The Door Organizer?

Organizers are also a great way to help you be more minimalist. They will:

  • Keep your house tidy
  • Add an aesthetic appeal to your home
  • Display your belongings neatly, so you know what you have at all times

Below, I’ve scoured the internet for the best over the door organizers to help you keep your home in order. Scroll down to find the best organizer for you, from organizing your jewellery to neatly storing your pantry items.

Where to buy an over the door organizer?

You can buy over the door organizer’s from almost any bed & bath department or home store – but my personal favourite place to shop is Amazon.

Amazon has a huge range of organizers, from over the door shoe organizers to jewelry storage racks, so I can guarantee you’re going to find what you’re looking for in the list below.

The Best Over The Door Organizers Online:

Best Over The Door Shoe Organizers

1. Whitmor Non-Slip Over The Door 36-Pair Rack

(Best Overall Over The Door Shoe Organizer)

This shoe organizer receives fantastic reviews online, holding 36 pairs of shoes on a stylish, white non-slip rack that hangs easily over the side of your door via two hooks with no tools required to assemble the rack.

This organizer has the added bonus of having adjustable bars, allowing you to store shoes of all sizes, and to simply fold up the bar if not in use. This is my top recommendation for an all-around great quality over the door shoe organizer.

2. Amazon Basics 24-Pocket Medium-Size Shoe Organizer

(Best Basic Over The Door Organizer)

This more basic design promises to store 12 pairs of shoes (one shoe per pocket) or 24 pairs of sandals – making it the perfect over the door shoe organizer for families (or people with an extensive shoe collection!).

It includes 3 metal hooks to easily hang the organizer over your door and also has mesh fabric pockets so your shoes can breathe – allowing you to rest easy without worrying your shoes are going to create a bad odour in your room! This is my top basic pick.

3. MISSLO 12-Pocket Shoe Organizer

(Best Shoe Organizer For Closet Doors)

This mesh shoe rack measures 61 1/3″ long and 12 1/2″ across, making it ideal for narrower closet doors when you want to store your shoes completely out of sight.

The MISSLO organizer also comes in a two-pack, so if you have more than 12 pairs of shoes, you can hang the second organizer in another bedroom closet or over the main door.

This over the door shoe organizer comes with two hooks for attachment and has clear mesh pockets that expand to fit all shoe sizes.

4. OrthoStep Premium Over The Door Shoe Organizer

(Best Heavy-Duty Shoe Organizer)

The OrthoStep shoe organizer is made with reinforced stitching, metal grommets, and rip-stop style backing, making it perfect for storing high heels without the risk of damage (to either to shoes or the organizer!)

This over the door shoe organizer holds up to 24 pairs of shoes and receives fantastic reviews from buyers. It comes at a very reasonable price too, making this my top pick for an ultra-durable shoe organizer that should last.

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Best Over The Door Pantry Organizers

1. Home-Complete Pantry Over The Door Spice and Jar Rack Organizer

(Best Overall (Design) Over The Door Pantry Organizer)

This is my top pick for an over the door pantry organizer because of its fantastic design and beautiful, minimal look. The organizer has 8 adjustable shelves, plus 3 stoppers designed to stop taller items from falling out.

The design allows you to use the organizer as one long rack which simply hooks over your door, or you can even use it as two shorter racks if you’re short on space. The organizer is a total of 74 inches in height and is perfect for storing your pantry spices, jars, cereal, and dry goods.

2. SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Hanging Pantry Organizer

(Best Budget Over The Door Pantry Organizer)

The SimpleHouseware pantrt organizer comes as a 2-pack, providing 15 clear pockets per organizer with hooks included to hang over your door (no tools needed). The pockets measure approximately 7” in height x 5.5 “ width, so should be suitable for holding most pantry staples.

The organizer could also be perfect for your laundry supplies, and other people in the review section mention using the organizer for craft supplies, bathroom essentials, cleaning products, and extra storage! This is a budget-friendly organizer with good reviews, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the other pantry organizers mentioned here.

3. Household Essentials 6-Tier Basket Organizer

(Basket Design Pantry Organizer)

This organizer has a pretty red design, with 6 baskets that hook over the door. I love the simple yet practical design of this organizer.

It would be perfect for storing bits and bobs that you need easy access to every day. This is a great value over the door organizer and it

4. Organize It All Over The Door 4-Basket Hanging Storage Unit With Hooks

(Best Short Over The Door Pantry Organizer)

This organizer measures approximately 39-inches so is perfect if you don’t want your organizer to take up the entire length of your door.

With a 4-tiered black basket design, this is perfect for your pantry staples, kitchen cleaning items, or bathroom products. This is perfect for smaller spaces.

Best Over The Door Bathroom Organizers

1. Simplehouseware Over Door 4 Clear Window Pocket Organizer

(4 Pocket Bathroom Organizer)

This practical bathroom organizer includes four large pockets with a clear window in each, allowing you to see what’s stored inside.

It hangs over a standard door and is perfect for storing bathroom accessories (extra shampoo and conditioner, toiletries etc).

2. Lynk Double Shelf Over Cabinet Door Organizer

(Double Shelf Cabinet Bathroom Organizer)

This double-shelf organizer fits neatly onto a cabinet door, making it the perfect place to store your toothpaste, toothbrush, and other bathroom essentials.

It’s got a lovely sleek, modern look that will look beautiful in all homes! This organizer is also very reasonably priced to suit all budgets.

3. Neu Home Over the Door 6-Basket Hanging Storage Unit with Hooks

(6-Basket Organizer)

This organizer has a basket design, making it perfect for storing all of your bathroom essentials such as cleaning products, toiletries, and extra toilet rolls.

This versatile hanging storage unit can also be used around the home, in your utility room, or even in the garage – wherever you need extra storage!

4. MaiHongda Large Size Toiletry Bags Over the Door Hanging Organizer

(Best Large Bathroom Over The Door Organizer)

The MaiHongda over the door organizer has a range of pockets suitable for different items.

It has 17 mesh pockets, 4 PVC storage bags, and 11 elastic pockets perfect for cosmetics, toothbrushes, and brushes.

This budget-friendly bathroom organizer is perfect for anyone wanting an all-in-one over the door organizer for a convenient way to keep your bathroom items organized and tidy.

Best Over The Door Jewelry Organizers

1. Lynk Over Door Or Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer Rack

(Best Overall Jewelry Organizer)

This cute over the door jewellery rack includes space for bracelets and necklaces, as well as baskets to store your rings.

I think this organizer is practical and also looks great, so you don’t have to sacrifice on style when keeping organized!

For such a sleek and durable design, this over the door jewellery organizer is fantastic value for money and has fantastic reviews online from previous buyers.

2. MyGift Bronze Metal 4-Tier Jewelry Rack

(Pretty Over The Door Jewelry Organizer)

This bronze 4-tier rack is an absolutely beautiful choice for a stylish yet practical over the door jewellery organizer with a more bohemian vibe.

The MyGift jewellery rack has 18 hooks, and space to organize your earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

With four tiers, this rack is perfect for hanging over your door, on the wall by a dressing table, or even inside your closet doors if you have room. Again, this is a fantastic value for money item and a great statement piece to add to your room.

3. Mligo Hanging Jewelry Organizer With 40 Storage Pockets & 20 Hooks

(Budget Over The Door Jewelry Organizer)

This jewellery organizer has 40 clear vinyl pockets on the front, and 20 hooks for your necklaces and bracelets.

It’s made from non-woven polyester fabrics and PVC so is durable, although perhaps not as pretty as some of the other options mentioned here. 

The organizer also comes with a metal hanger to easily hook over your door or closet door. This is a fantastic budget-friendly option for neatly storing your jewellery!

4. BB Brotrade HJO80 Hanging Jewelry Organizer

(Second Choice Budget Over The Door Jewelry Organizer)

Another fantastic budget over the door organizer. This product comes with 80 pockets (40 on each side), and can easily be hung on your door or a closet pole to store your jewellery out of sight.

It’s made from non-woven fabric, and each pocket has a clear PVC window so you can see what is stored where.

This organizer is not as pretty as some of the others I’ve picked, but it’s a very budget-friendly option.

5. Giantex Door Wall Jewelry Cabinet

(Best Large Capacity Jewelry Organizer)

This is amazing! This organizer has 15 LED auto-on lights, a scarf rod, 29 hooks, 60 ring slots, a mirror, makeup pouch, and much more. This is basically a one-stop bedroom organizer.

If you have enough space in your bedroom, this looks like an amazing product that will help your bedroom stay super organized, from your jewellery to your accessories.

I hope these over the door organizers have given you some ideas for getting your home in shape!