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Selling a car online is an easy and convenient way to make some extra cash and get rid of a car you no longer want or you – this post should you how to sell a car on eBay for the best price.

I recently sold a van on eBay, after allowing it to clutter up the driveway (and my Grandad’s driveway!) for far too long.

eBay is a really convenient way to sell a vehicle because it lets you:

  • Reach people all over the country
  • List all the vehicle details directly online
  • Upload multiple photos of the vehicle
  • Set a ‘buy it now’ price to ensure you get a good price for your car

However, if you haven’t used eBay to sell a car before, you might be wondering how it all works. More importantly, you may be wondering how to make sure you get the best deal for your vehicle online.

I’ve highlighted some key points to bear in mind when selling your car on eBay below.

How To Sell A Car On eBay

Step 1) Take Photos

eBay allows you to add up to 12 photos to your listing for free, so you may as well use this to add multiple high-quality photos that show off your car as much as possible.

I’ve included a list of the shots you should take below.

You may think that photographing any scratches or dents is a bad idea, but anyone who comes to view your car is going to see these immediately, so highlighting this in the listing will prevent anyone’s time being wasted (yours included!).

2) Create Your Listing

To create your listing, you simply need to click the ‘sell’ tab at the top of the page. You can see it here:

how to sell a car on ebay

You’ll then have the option to add in a title for the item you’re selling (so I, for example, had something like ‘Ford Transit 2006 Part Van Conversion’.

You then select the most relevant category, enter your vehicle’s registration, and proceed to create your listing.

There’s also a section where you can add more details – this is a good place to say why you’re selling the car, any problems or recent upgrades/repairs etc.

Step 3) Set Your Price

You’ll then be able to choose whether to auction your car or set a fixed price.

I had mine on auction, but a couple came to view the van and made an offer before the auction ended which I accepted, and removed the listing earlier, so you’ve got a lot of options.

how to sell a car on ebay price

How to decide how much to sell your car for?

The best way to establish how much your car is actually worth is to look at similar listings on eBay and Auto Trader. Take the age of the car, fuel-type, model, any modifications, damage, repairs needed etc into account in order to get a better idea of an appropriate price.

Getting The Best Price For Your Car On eBay

There are a few simple but really effective things you can do to get the best price for your car on eBay. These include:

Clean Your Car

This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people stick up photos of their car in all its grimy glory!

Either take your car to a local car wash or do it yourself with a bucket and sponge – simply restoring your car to a cleaner condition can instantly elevate the amount of interest you get in your listing.

Take Lots Of High-Quality Photos

Listings with just one photo are far more likely to be ignored compared to a listing with six photos. Ideally, your photos should highlight the car from a different angle and including the interior.

Put in the extra time now to get some good shots of your car and you’ll get a lot more people looking at it online. Shots you should include are:

  • Side view
  • Front view
  • Interior
  • Odometer (to show the mileage)
  • Boot

Take your photos in daylight for better lighting, and preferably somewhere without any other vehicles or too much going on in the background.

Be Honest

If your car has obvious scratches or dents, don’t be tempted to avoid showing these in the pictures. Better would be to actually include a photo of them, so any potential buyer knows exactly what they’re looking at.

It will make you look a lot more honest and trustworthy if you are up-front about any damage to the vehicle rather than trying to hide it – anyone coming to view the car will see straight through that as soon as they lay eyes on it!

Negotiating A Price

If someone views your car and wants to buy it before the auction is finished on eBay, this is something you should consider carefully.

You may prefer to ask them to bid via the auction, but a more common way of doing things would be to ask for a deposit before removing the listing from public view.

This then guarantees their interest without risking you removing the ad and then having a potential buyer change their mind.

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash on the side, there are so many options beyond selling things you own. Check out my list of ways to make money online, and my list of frugal living tips for some inspiration to get you started!

Learning how to sell a car on eBay isn’t difficult at all. It’s such a simple process and provides the opportunity to reach potential buyers much further afield than simply sticking a piece of paper to your car window would! Good luck – I hope these simple tips help you get the best price when selling your car.