How To Write A Great Cover Letter

how to write a cover letter

This guide shows you how to write a great cover letter to make a real impression to your potential freelance clients when searching for new freelance jobs online. It’s all about the pitch. This is an extremely valuable lesson that I’ve learned after years of freelancing, and I’m sharing it with you now so you can avoid […]

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15 Ways To Make Quick Money In One Day

This post lists over 15 ways to make quick money in one day, or simply boost your income this month without having to get a full-on second job.  Having extra cash to play with gives you so much more financial freedom and over time, that can really change your life. So when you realise that […]

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How To Become A Better Writer

Whether you are a newbie writer, or you’ve got a library of published works behind you, we’re all plagued by one nagging thing: self-doubt. It’s normal to sometimes worry that you’re not good enough, or that you’re never going to make it in your dream career. However, it’s also important to remember that you are […]

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Easter Giveaway: Win An M&S Hamper!

  Longer evenings, bright blue skies, and the unmistakable itchy nose that every hayfever sufferer will know: spring is finally here! I’m a simple person.  Give me some sunshine, a blue sky, and the chance to get outdoors, and my mood is instantly lifted. I think it’s definitely a sign I need to migrate to somewhere with […]

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A Vegan Weekend In Lisbon | Lisbon City And Food Guide

A Vegan Weekend In Lisbon | Lisbon Travel Guide | Vegan Lisbon

Soo…this post is three months late ? but I’m finally getting around to it! At the beginning of December, I travelled to Lisbon on my own for a four-night stay in the city. Why? Well, it’s Lisbon. More specifically, though, I needed to tick a final point off my ‘2018 goals’ list: Travel somewhere alone […]

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