How To Get Paid To Lose Weight

One possible way to be extra motivated to reach a diet goal is to get paid to lose weight – this post provides an in-depth look into Healthy Wage, a program that provides the opportunity to bet on your own weight loss. In the past couple of years, there has been a huge shift in […]

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6 Natural Hair Dye Alternatives For Hair Dye Allergies (No Chemicals!)

If you’re allergic to hair dye or simply looking for a natural alternative to chemical-based dyes, this post contains a list of DIY natural hair dye options you could try in your hair instead. I’ve been allergic to hair dye since I was about 16. Before that, I’d had highlights (remember those blonde stripes that […]

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How To Become A Freelance Writer: Getting Started

How I landed my first client on Upwork - The Wallet Moth

If you’re reading this, I’m going to take a wild leap and guess that you’re somewhat interested in becoming a freelance writer (how’d I guess, right?). That decision can feel like a scary goal that feels almost impenetrable – where do you even start? What is managing your own freelance business all about? Ever since […]

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7 Allotment Ideas For Total Beginners

As a newbie allotment owner myself, this is a simple guide to allotment ideas you could consider when first starting your allotment and the things that worked for my allotment plot. Last month I made a “big” announcement: that my family and I finally got an allotment! For those who don’t know, an allotment is […]

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How To Sell A Car On Ebay

Selling a car online is an easy and convenient way to make some extra cash and get rid of a car you no longer want or you – this post should you how to sell a car on eBay for the best price. I recently sold a van on eBay, after allowing it to clutter […]

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20 Best Vegan Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

This post features 20 of the best vegan cast iron skillet recipes including dinners and desserts for easy, cheap, and healthy meals. From hearty dinners to glorious desserts, these skillet recipes could be the perfect vegan camping food for this summer – but are equally perfect for a super quick weeknight dinner. No exaggeration, I probably use […]

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