12 Things to Stop Buying Now to Save Money

things top stop buying to save money

Are there things in your life that you know you could definitely live without? We’re all probably guilty of splashing our cash where it’s not needed in some areas of our lives, but there are some items that most of us simply spend on out of habit rather than necessity. This article has some of […]

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5 DIY Frugal Beauty Hacks to Try at Home

Beauty DIY Hacks to Save Money | Frugal Living

Some evenings, there’s nothing better than indulging in a bit of self-care by putting on a face mask, giving your hair a treatment, exfoliating, buffing and moisturising your skin – and ending the day feeling utterly pampered. Now, many of you may know that one of my biggest not-so-frugal confessions is my skin care routine. […]

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Minimalist Living: Self-Care Tips

minimalist lifestyle: self-care tips

  It’s slowly becoming more clear to me that this journey of minimalist living is as much about what’s on the inside as it is about what you live with on the outside. We could clear out every ounce of clutter from our homes, fine-tune our shopping habits to perfection, but if we don’t learn […]

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Frugal Living for Beginners: 10 Easy Changes to Make Today

Frugal Living for Beginners and frugal living tips to try this month!

  Have you decided to get more frugal with your lifestyle recently? Being more intentional with your spending is a great habit to get into, but when you’ve spent the past few years without any real accountability on your saving habits, it can be difficult to know where exactly to get started. Today, I’m covering […]

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Frugal Recipes: 8 Go-To Cheap Weeknight Meals

My go-to frugal recipes for cheap dinners

If I didn’t already have a money blog, I would definitely be a food blogger. Ever since I went to University and discovered cooking for myself, I’ve been obsessed with finding new flavors, new foods, and delicious new recipes to try every week. Thankfully, learning how to cook as a student instilled a deep habit […]

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