27 Best Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

27+ legitimate strategies showing you how to make money online today. From authentic, well-paying survey sites to market research and freelance jobs, this is your ultimate list to make money online fast. Whether you use that money to fund your lifestyle or put it straight into your savings for a rainy day, having an additional […]

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23 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online & Get Paid To Write

Woman on laptop sitting on fluffy rug - post regarding how to find freelance writing jobs online

When you decide you want to become a freelance writer, one of the biggest questions you’re probably asking yourself is where exactly you can find freelance writing jobs to actually apply to. Sure, you could stroll into a few local shops and maybe one will take a chance on you – but that’s definitely not the […]

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5 Easy Tips For Budget Travel

Budget travel is often associated with long queues, unpleasant accommodation, and all-around slightly unsatisfying experiences. That doesn’t need to be the case – in fact, travelling on a budget can be exactly what you need to flip your perspective and see a destination in a whole new light. Budgets and travelling don’t traditionally fall into […]

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30 Vegan Dinner Ideas Everyone Will Love!

This list has over 30 vegan dinner ideas – make any of these delicious vegan recipes ahead of time for a healthy, quick, and easy meal that won’t break the bank! Whether you’re vegan or not, we can all agree: cutting down our meat intake as a planet can only be a good thing. Eating […]

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15 Best Jobs For Digital Nomads

These are the best online jobs for setting up a location independent business that allows you to travel full-time while still making an income.´╗┐ I’ve been running my own business for almost three years now, and in that time, I’ve had a great time dabbling in the ‘digital nomad’ life. In 2017, I spent the […]

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