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This post is a bit of a diversion from my usual subject matter, but hear me out.  If you’re thinking about starting up a side hustle selling products, services, or information, this post could really help you.

As many of you who read this blog regularly will know, I make my money as a freelance copywriter. That’s how I can afford to travel full-time currently.

Just a few months into running my own business, the benefits of blogging have already showed themselves – and that’s what I want to share with you all today: why every business needs a blog.

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One of the biggest complaints of my job is clients not fully understanding the benefit of blogging for their business.

Now that I’m a freelancer, thankfully many of my clients already know they want a blog, but when I worked at an agency?

Countless businesses would rejected my posts, complaining they didn’t see the point in it. They wanted every post to sell, sell, sell.



That’s not how blogging works. 

Why You Should Start a Blog for Your Business

If you’re running a business, your website sells your product – your lead pages introduce your business, your product, and show your customers how they can make a purchase. Your blog is about so much more than that.

If you’re thinking about starting a business of your own (whether that’s as a freelancer like me, or selling a physical product, it’s all the same!), or have one and aren’t fully sure of what you should be blogging about – or why you should be in the first place, I’m laying it down right now.

This is why a blog can do wonders for your business:

Your Blog Builds a Brand

You can only express your personality so much on a flat website. Your blog gives a regular, fresh voice to your company’s personality. Do you want to be a serious authority in your industry, or be a cool, relatable friend to your readers?

Regardless, your blog can help you establish this voice. Establishing a clear, defined voice then leads to…


How many times have you visited a website and clicked off because you don’t trust it? I’m not talking about fear of computer viruses or anything – sometimes, a website feels so flat and devoid of personality that you don’t connect with it. Nothing inspires you to buy from that site. For a business, that’s bad news.

Having a blog can significantly improve your businesses success. Here's 5 reasons why every hustler should be blogging.


Your blog can rapidly build the trust that is so essential for any new business. Write posts about common problems and queries you receive from customers, provide tips and advice that they might find useful.

While these posts aren’t actually selling your product directly, they’re slowing building a relationship with your readers. The next time someone needs a service you offer, they’ll remember that super helpful, informative blog that helped them – and you’ll be the first person they think to contact.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Increased Traffic

Welcome to the world of SEO. Did you know that Google favours websites with regular, fresh, informative content? Your website that hasn’t been updated in 6 months does not fall into that category. Your website that is updated weekly with helpful blog posts? That does.

What’s more, you just need to do the maths to see the benefits more blog posts will do for your blog. Say you’ve got 5 pages for your business website (maybe a home page, contact, services, testimonials, for example) – getting those pages to rank highly in Google so you receive consistently high organic search traffic is going to be tricky.

Your business needs a blog to add pages to your site consistently. If you have another 20 pages to your site in the way of blog posts, suddenly you’ve got a lot more chances at ranking highly in Google searches.

More traffic means more readers, which means more potential customers.

Become an Authority

Who, you? The one person company with little to no experience, but a hell of a lot of enthusiasm? Yep – you can be an authority in your industry. For every business that’s blogging about their industry, there’s 20 that are missing the mark and either staying silent, or trying to sell their products with every blog post. There’s no bigger turn off to a customer than feeling like you’re being taken for an idiot.

Set yourself apart as a business by offering useful content that will help potential customers and other businesses in your industry. Even if you’ve just started your company, you can still offer a new perspective and fresh ideas on the services you offer.

Make sure every post you publish is well-researched, readable, and formatted properly.

Create posts that other people want to share. Posts that help people – that others will then tell their friends about because of how useful it was. It will take time, but following this method will establish you as someone with a lot of knowledge in your industry.

Customers will always go with the company that’s talked about the most.

So, what is actually the point of blogging?

Doh! If you’re still asking this question, here’s the simple answer:

Blogging is not a quick sale. Your business needs a blog because blogs build trust, brand awareness, and customer loyalty over time, increasing your chance of sales in the future, and establishing your business as a leading authority in your industry.

Your Business Needs a Blog


Don’t blog and think about the sale you’re making now. Think about the relationship you’re building with your readers, your potential customers, and prioritise making yourself the go-to company for the services you offer. Even if you’re a brand new business, in just a few months you’ll be amazed at the exposure you can receive through blogging.

Starting my own blog was one of the best decisions I made for focusing my mind on the goals I truly want to achieve.

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Convinced, but not confident?

Here’s your sales pitch (forgive me!): I write blogs for businesses, bloggers, and freelancers. If I’ve managed to sell you on the idea of a blog for your business, but you’re not confident in your writing skills, or simply don’t think you have the time to commit to a blog and a business (it’s not easy!), I’m your wordsmith.

Drop me an email and we can talk about how I can help you, today. If not, I hope this post has at least helped anyone running a business, or thinking about it, of the benefits of blogging.

If nothing else, blogging is fun, so give it a shot!

Has blogging helped boost your brand? Let me know your experiences in the comments…

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging for Your Business