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Let’s face it, you’re probably wasting time as a digital nomad. If you’ve not long taken the leap into the location independent lifestyle, it can be tough getting to grips with the fact that you’re in charge of everything: how often you work, where you work, who you work with, when you work – everything.

Picture someone working remotely while travelling the world, you see sandy beaches, hammocks and pina coladas – you do not see us hunched over our laptops at 11pm because although we chose to spend all day exploring a nearby temple, girls gotta make a deadline (this may or may not be personal experience…).

When I first embarked on the digital nomad life, I really struggled with getting the ideal balance between working, travelling and just enjoying life. It’s a hard balance to find between actually enjoying the opportunity to travel, and getting your work done.

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Are you wasting time as a digital nomad?

How to Stop Wasting Time as a Digital Nomad

Don’t Work in Bed

This is something we’ve all done as remote workers (admit it!), but it’s not a habit you want to make. Even if you’re going to work in your apartment all day, get yourself set up at a table and seated in a proper chair!

Your productivity will thank you (not to mention your back!).

Eat Before Work

I’ve lost count of the days where I’ve woken up, started up my laptop and got stuck into work and then the next thing I know it’s 3pm and I haven’t eaten.

It’s not a healthy lifestyle, and although I’m still guilty of it, I’m trying to make a new rule where I’ll always eat before starting work. Your body comes before your career after all!

Set a ‘Work Day’

Throughout our travels, I’ve kept Mondays allocated as definite workdays – the rest of the time, I’m more flexible depending on plans and travel days. Having a work day has really helped me keep a routine and get into work-mode.

If you’re struggling to find the time to actually sit down and work, set a day of the week where you’ll be working all day no matter what. It might give you the extra kick you need!

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Get Comfortable

Being uncomfortable can be a huge time waster. If you’re stuck in a hot country with no air con, perched on a wobbly chair sharing a table with a group of chatty tourists, you’re not comfortable and you’re not going to be able to work efficiently.

To stop wasting time, find a comfortable spot where you can truly focus.

Minimise Distractions

I can’t deal with distractions when I’m working (much to the upset of my boyfriend who likes to have a chat while he’s working!). Some people can zone out music, background chatter and multiple distractions without a problem, whilst others of us work best in total silence.

Know what works best for you, and seek out the area that suit you best. If working whilst the hustle and bustle is all around you, head to a busy cafe and soak up your surroundings! If silence is your jam, do your work in your apartment and then head out.

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Streamline Your Laptop

A few months ago, I went on a digital declutter mission and it has saved me so much time. From finally sorting my documents into folders, organising my emails, to going paperless, streamlining your laptop can save you a lot of time.

So, you better know I’m going to segue into my FREE digital declutter guide. This simple 7-day guide is packed with the steps you need to streamline your laptop, so sign up and clear your digital clutter this week.

Create Your Own Deadlines

If you have a project with a long deadline, you may find yourself procrastinating more because you have so much time. I’m definitely guilty of this.

Even if something isn’t due a month from now, if you know you’ll work better to a tighter deadline, impose one on yourself. Using online organisers such as Trello can be great to help you out here. Then, you’ll have a great draft that you’ve got another 3 weeks to perfect!


Do you find yourself wasting time as a digital nomad? Let me know your top time-keeping tricks in the comments below!


  1. October 12, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    I completely agree! I’m not a traveling working, but I work full-time remote from home and I find similar techniques help me to keep productive and on task!

  2. October 12, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    So many good tips! I don’t work loke that, but I apply some of them for when I work on my blog. I admit I’m guilty of writing whilst I’m on bed… hahaha

    Great post!

  3. October 14, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    Working at home or on the go has proven to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I have constant distractions around me at home, like my dogs or electronics lying around. I now use a clock in/clock out app to monitor the time I am working, which helps with my productivity levels since I like to hit a certain number of hours.

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