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27+ legitimate strategies showing you how to make money online today. From authentic, well-paying survey sites to market research and freelance jobs, this is your ultimate list to make money online fast.

Make money online with laptop.

Whether you use that money to fund your lifestyle or put it straight into your savings for a rainy day, having an additional side income source keeps you motivated, provides a security buffer if things start to go south in your full-time job, and you never know where that side project may lead you!

There are so many things you can do to make money on the side, too. You don’t just have to be a tech-whiz or a coupon collector (although both those things can help!). I’ve written a comprehensive guide with over 60 side hustle ideas to up your income and make more money on the side.

How To Make Money Online Fast:

1. Market Research

Market research companies collect data on things like spending habits, consumer trends, and your opinions on branding in order to allow companies to better market their products.

This research is almost always conducted via a simple online survey and is an effective way for anyone to make money online.

If you haven’t signed up to participate in market research before, I’d recommend signing up with Swagbucks first.

Swagbucks are one of the most well-known, legitimate websites for market research and surveys, and currently, offer a $10 bonus simply for signing up.

To sign up:

  • Register: Visit this link and create your profile
  • Earn: Redeem ‘points’ by completing surveys, playing games, and even watching videos
  • Get Paid: Convert these points into cash

Survey sites always feature highly on my list of great side hustle ideas for friends and family.

They are by far one of the least effort, high reward ways to earn money online from home.

When I was a student, I’d fill out surveys in the evening while watching TV, and I can imagine these being a great little money maker for stay at home moms or anyone looking to make a little extra cash in the evenings. They won’t make you a millionaire – but just filling out surveys for an hour a day can add up to hundreds each month.

Please head to my review of the 10 best survey sites for my full recommendations. A few great sites to get started with include:

2. Use Cashback Sites For Signup Bonuses

Sites like TopCashBack offer cash incentives in return for downloading their apps on your phone.

When you make a purchase online through these apps, they get a small commission from the store – a portion of which they then pass back to you as ‘cashback’.

Since these apps are totally free to sign up to and use, there’s no harm in trying it out.

3. Save Money In Your Sleep

Making money is great, but saving money you already earned is a sweet feeling. Especially when you manage to save money even while you’re sleeping.


Trim is a free service that will automatically find and cancel old, unused subscriptions and research the bills you are currently over-paying for, saving you money literally while you sleep.

How does Trim work?

Trim analyses your monthly spending and looks for places where you might be over- spending, such as forgotten monthly subscriptions (we all have them), or bills that are higher than the market average.

One the app has found bills and subscriptions you’re currently paying for, you can then go in and select which ones you want to cancel, and the app will then do this for you, even reaching out to companies you are over-paying and re-negotiating your contract on your behalf.

Kind of awesome.

4. Get Paid To Lose Weight

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone.

However, if you’ve got a weight loss goal, signing up to HealthyWage can be a great way to smash your goal and make some money at the same time.

Read my full review to decide if HealthyWage is for you, first.

5. Get Paid for Shopping Online

There are actually companies out there that will pay you for shopping online. Many people hear this and think those sites must be scams, but I can assure you they’re not.

TopCashback and Mr Rebates are able to pay people who shop through their sites cashback on any online purchases. This is because they are affiliated with the retailers featured on their sites, who pay them for referral traffic – which these sites then refund back to you.

Next time you’re looking to make an online purchase, access that retailer through one of these sites and you’ll be able to make some extra cash by shopping as you usually would. Not using these sites is like throwing free money away!

TopCashBack is another great site that offers one of the highest rates of cashback. Sign up for the service for free and earn cashback when you shop online – it’s really as simple as that.

6. User Testing

User testing will pay you to test websites – you don’t need to be tech-savvy to land the job as they simply want honest reviews.

All you need is a webcam with a microphone to sign up for free and get started.

7. Mystery shopping

Become a mystery shopper and get paid to review shops, restaurants and entertainment venues!

You can also sign up for mystery shopping opportunities via Swagbucks if you’d rather keep all your earnings in the same place.

8. Watch Videos & Play games

Swagbucks, as well as giving you the opportunity to earn money with market research, also has sections where you can earn money by watching videos (with ads) and playing/testing online games.

9. Sign Up To Delivery & Driving Apps

Make money online fast by signing up to be a delivery driver for apps such as Postmates and Uber.

These apps let you work when you want, keep 100% of your earnings, and provide a lot of room to scale your income up or down. You don’t even necessarily need a car to be a delivery person – I’ve had people deliver food to me in their friend’s cars! If it works, it works.

How To Make Money Online As A Freelancer:

10. Be A Virtual Assistant

As well as being a freelance writer, one of my own side hustles was as a virtual assistant – and this has since also replaced my 9-5 income!

A virtual assistant can help digital businesses with anything from writing, editing and uploading blog posts, to replying to emails and managing social media accounts. The best part is that you can do this work from anywhere (yup, even in your PJs on a rainy Monday afternoon), and can apply to help businesses based anywhere in the world.

If this is something that appeals to you, I highly recommend checking out Gina Horkey’s Horkey Handbook.

Make money online as a Virtual Assistant with the Horkey Handbook.

She has tons of fantastic free content on her website (including over 150 services a VA can offer), as well as a course that will take you through every step required to build a successful Virtual Assistant business online.

11. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to bring in extra income, although it can take a long while to get enough traffic to your blog before you start to make an income off of it.

Blogging is also a fantastic launching-paid for promoting your other services – whether you’re a writer, designer, or even offering dog walking to your local area – blogging about what you do will get you noticed more quickly.

If you’re interested in starting a blog of your own, check out my link for a free domain and hosting packages as low as $3.95/month.

12. Freelance Photographer

If you’ve got a good camera and know a bit about composition, you could sell your photography online.

Register with a stock photo site such as Deposit Photos and sell your photography over and over again. If you’ve got a good camera and are skilled in photography, this could be a great form of passive income.

13. Travel writing

If you’re travelling, you could become a travel writer for one of the many sites available online. This is a tough gig to get as there are tonnes of travel blogs out there, but once you’re in, this can be a steady paying job that brings a lot of exposure to your writing.

Read my post with over 45 travel websites that pay for freelance writing to get started.

14. Freelance web design

Marketing your web design skills as a freelancer can be a great way to make additional money, and if you’ve got some experiences, you could make a significant contribution to your savings through freelance work alone!

15. Sell Products

Amazon fulfilment programs make it easier than ever to set up a business and sell products online, without having to ship the products yourself.

The Selling Family are one family that have turned their small side hustle into a full-blown, hugely successful business, and offer training to help others do the same. Check out their free email training course for more.

16. Sell crafts

If you’ve got a knack for DIY crafts such as knitting, soap making or woodwork, you could sell these products and make money online getting to be creative! Sites like Etsy are great for this.

Find out the top 10 best crafts for making a profit on Etsy online.

How to make a chunky knit blanket: make money online selling crafts on Etsy.

17. Social media management

Many companies and bloggers do not have the time to manage their social media feeds. Offering your services as a social media manager will earn you a great additional income, and as you gain more experience and get your name out there, the offers will come rolling in!

18. Teach English (or another language) Online

Teaching English is a great side hustle ideas for making money online at home or while abroad.

If you’re from the US or Canada, one of the best sites to use is VIPKid. Here, you can teach English to Chinese students online, setting your hours and workload to suit your schedule.

A friend of mine currently uses VIPKid to fund her travels through Thailand, working online as and when she wants. Paying around $22 an hour, this is a fantastic way to make money online.

Make money online with VIPKid teaching English.

19. Tutor

Become a tutor in your area of expertise, whether that’s offering online coaching or meeting up with your students in person.

If you teach an instrument or a certain skill, this is a great way to make money online teaching people from all over the world.

20. Graphic designer

Gaining experience and skills as a graphic designer does take time, but it is an ideal profession to take freelance, or even to offer as a service on the side of your full-time job.

Sites like Fiverr are competitive, but great places to showcase your work as an inexperienced designer.

21. Be A Proofreader

If you’ve got a good eye for spotting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors online (I cringe every time I spot one online – and worse, on my own site!), then proofreading can be a great side hustle. People are on the hunt for proofreaders for all kinds of copy, from blog articles and web pages to academic texts and eBooks that need a fresh eye before being published.

(Hint: Grammarly is free to sign up for and is a lifesaver for checking for grammatical mistakes online!).

Other Ways To Make Money Online With A Website:

22. AdSense

This is based on the assumption that you have a website, but with Google AdSense you can make an income by simply putting adverts on your blog.

You’ll need high levels of traffic to make real money by qualifying to join premium networks such as MediaVine or AdThrive but everyone has to start somewhere!

23. Affiliate Marketing

I regularly make upwards of $500 a month from just one article alone on this website – entirely down to affiliate marketing.

If you do it right, affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online, providing a passive income stream that requires very like upkeep once you’ve got it all set up.

I highly recommend checking out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, the most comprehensive course on affiliate marketing I’ve ever taken. It totally changed the game for me.

Make money online with affiliate marketing course.

24. Write an eBook

Side hustle ideas don’t need to be quick money makers – if you are willing to put the time in, you can see a great return in passive income!

If you’ve got a wealth of knowledge on any given subject (fitness, finance, food, travelling – the world is literally yours), share it with the world via an informative eBook. Amazon’s self-publishing service has never made this easier.

25. Create a Course to Sell Online

If teaching is your thing, create an online course to sell. This will require some work, in the beginning, to ensure your course is the most informative, well-researched option available, but once you’ve uploaded it, you can earn passive income from your course for years to follow.

26. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Investing in domain names may be a more long-term side income solution, but if you can predict popular domain names for the next few years and buy them early, you could have a company knocking on your door with a big figure before you know it.

You can check which domain names are available with BlueHost.

27. Be An Influencer

It seems crazy, but making money online as a social media influencer is a legitimate job these days.

To really make it in this super-competitive niche, you need:

  • Fantastic, jaw-dropping content
  • A specific theme (fitness, travel, fashion, beauty, food etc)
  • Consistency – posting at least once a day
  • Patience – it takes time to build a following, don’t buy fake followers to try to beat the game, people will know.

Think you’ve got a unique angle that people would love to follow? Try it out! The competition is steep, but if you make it you’ve got a great side – or even full-time – earner.

This list has just a few ways to make money online – I hope you’ve found something helpful.