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Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile since I published a post on this site, so I wanted to write a quick ‘life update’ to catch you all up and let you know what’s been going on and plans for the future…

The past month has been a little tough on me, and has resulted in some changes of plan that I was not anticipating.

Due to prolonged back pain (caused by months of changing beds, working in uncomfortable positions, and constant travel), I made the decision to cut my year-long trip short and return to the UK last week. 

While it is wonderful to see my family, friends (and dogs!), and enjoy some home comforts, having to change plans due to constant pain that left me unable to summon the energy to work on my biggest passion – that’s this blog – was tough. I was a huge mix of emotions.

As someone who lives to move and be as active as possible, having to suddenly sit back and rest for the foreseeable future is tough. Even if you’re not wired the same way as me, dealing with this sort of sudden change is tough on anyone.

So how do we deal with this change in the most positive way we can?

Personally, I’ve tackled my new circumstances in two ways: one, I’m getting help. I’m addressing the issue, putting my health first, and focusing on what I need to do now to be able to continue with my active lifestyle in the future. Two, I’m finding other passions.

Honestly, the thought of spending the next 4-6 weeks (my expected recovery time) sat on the sofa and binging on TV sounds like my idea of hell. Instead, I’m focusing on the hobbies and activities I love to do that don’t involve exercising my body.

I’m cooking (oh boy am I cooking!) and embracing my transition to a vegan diet, I’m finally dedicating some serious hours to this site for you guys, I’m getting creative with hair and makeup looks (how to the YouTube beauty gurus make it look so easy?!)…the point is, life doesn’t have to stop completely when you’re thrown a curveball – it can adjust.

It sucks when things don’t go the way you planned,but there’s always potential to make the best of things. That’s what I’m telling myself.

In the meantime, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! If you’re interested in seeing all the new content I’m getting lined up for The Wallet Moth in 2018, do drop your email address in the box below to stay in the loop – you’re gonna want to stick around and see!