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Cheap Food Tuesdays: Every week I breakdown the exact cost of one of the meals I’ve cooked for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is to prove once and for all that eating delicious, nutritious, well-balanced meals doesn’t need to break the bank with your food choices – in fact, the opposite!

By planning my meals each week and using whole food such as vegetables, eggs, and ethically-sourced meat, I create delicious meals that fit my health and fitness goals, on a completely achievable budget – if you haven’t set your budget yet, check out my simple tips here.

This week’s meal breakdown: Spinach & Mushroom 2 Egg Breakfast Omelette

Cheap Food Tuesday - Delicious, Nutritious Meals for Budgets
My breakfast this morning!

This is one of my staple breakfast choices, packed with nutritious vegetables and a good sprinkling of mature cheddar cheese, the protein and fats in this meal keep me full right up until lunch time. The best bit? This breakfast costs just pennies to make!



The Happy Egg Co Eggs (10 Pack)
Price: 27p/egg
Meal Cost: 2 eggs = 54p


Sainsbury’s Basics Mushrooms
Price: £2.13/kg
Meal Cost: 15g mushroom = 1p



Sainsbury’s Young Leaf Spinach
Price:  £5.19/kg
Meal Cost: Small handful (10g~) = 5p


Cathedral Mature Cheddar Cheese
Price: £10/kg
Meal Cost: 20g = 20p

Total Cost: 80p

This simple omelette takes me less than 10 minutes to prepare in the mornings before work and for me, is the perfect light meal to start my day on.

You can easily customise it to suit your tastes and appetite, adding an extra egg increases the overall price by just 27p, whilst adding more vegetables and fillings is simple to do and won’t break the bank either. 

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Plan the vegetables you buy each week around every meal to ensure you use everything up – this is especially useful if you’re just cooking for one or two of you!