I have a confession to make: I made a mistake. When I first started blogging, I’d been reading a lot of personal finance blogs. Like, a lot. And most people have a similar story: they buckled down, learned how to be frugal, worked hard, and paid off their debts in a matter of months. Amazing. Reading these stories, I was inspired. I thought, yes, this is what I’m going to… View Post

Meal prep. I’ve harped on about it a fair few times on this blog, but for a good reason! When I ask you guys what your number one wallet drains are, the food bill is almost always listed. People love food. It makes us happy. And spending less on things that make us happy is tough. However, you can still have delicious meals every night of the week and be… View Post

Today we have a guest post from Jacob, who runs his own personal finance blog over at Dollar Diligence. Through meticulously watching his money and extreme frugality, he was able to pay down over $25k in student loan debt in just 15 months. You can learn more about his story and follow him here. There I was, in my 20s with a low-paying job as a high school math teacher,… View Post

Last week I published a post on how house sharing actually saved me over £4,000 in one year. It got me thinking – what other things can we do every year to save money? We’d all love to be able to get richer every year by getting a promotion or hitting major success with a side hustle, but in reality, the quickest way to make that extra money is to… View Post

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. A bit of an advice post, and a bit of a story-time post today. Travelling long-term means budget travel is a big priority for us. I’m all for finding the best deals on accommodation, chowing down on delicious street food for 50p, and wearing the soles of your shoes down into non-existence by walking instead of using… View Post

For anyone under the age of 30, the question of home ownership has inevitably arisen at some point. And for many, the question is quickly squashed by a lack of savings, the burden of debt, and what feels like a totally unachievable amount of money needed for a house deposit. Last year, This is Money reported that only 42% of millennials will be home owners by the age of 30. I… View Post

Today, we’re going to get real intimate. You see, I talk a fair bit on this blog about the steps I took to declutter my life before I began travelling, but I haven’t addressed minimal living on the road much. In the Facebook groups I’m a part of, we talk a lot about cutting down food bills, household clutter (or mental clutter for that matter!), and more. Time and time again,… View Post