Minimalism is all about learning how to prioritise the things you value, and remove unnecessary distractions from your life. For many people, the journey towards a more minimalist lifestyle starts with one simple step: decluttering your environment. However, in order to continue to live a more minimal life, you then need to build a habit and learn how to shop like a minimalist going… View Post

Do you long for the opportunity to work wherever you please? To be able to enjoy crystal clear beaches, exotic new countries, and still make enough money to pay the bills? Welcome to the digital nomad lifestyle, my friend – no longer an elusive, unachievable lifestyle but a way of working that has now become so mainstream, the only thing stopping you is you. More… View Post

  Hi everyone, and welcome to my first Blog Report and Life Update of 2018. Mid-way through last year, I started publishing these blog reports as a way to set myself achievable blogging goals and to help other bloggers looking for a source of inspiration and advice for their own blogs. Later, I started including a life update – as readers of this blog will… View Post

    Hey everyone! Today, I’m introducing a new theme to the type of posts I publish here at The Wallet Moth, so it’s an exciting time! I’m going to be publishing a digital nomad travel guide to the destinations I visited throughout 2017, and continue this theme for the places I visit and work in for the future. As readers of this site will… View Post

  MoneyMagpie recently partnered with the free selling and swapping service, Paperclip, to launch a platform on their own site in order to allow their visitors to sell, trade, and buy amongst their community. You all know how much I love a bargain (and I know you do, too!), so last week I tested the MoneyMagpie marketplace and reviewed the platform as a money-making side… View Post